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The St. Paul’s Schools offer something unique. Our community provides coeducational and single-gender opportunities to cultivate student growth and academic achievement. From cradle to college, we empower boys and girls of all ages to learn in the ways that suit them best.


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The St. Paul's Schools is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Edward Trusty Jr. as the interim head of school at St. Paul's School for Boys for the 2020–21 and 2021–22 school years. A highly respected leader and educator with Baltimore roots and a strong background in all-boys education, Ed joins St. Paul's from The Kinkaid School in Houston where he is currently the interim head and has held various administrative roles since July 2014.
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Bridges 3+ Ceremony Speech
Posted 06/20/2011 08:50PM

Stephon Dingle Ceremony Speech
Bridges Volunteers Ceremony @ St. Paul’s School
May 26, 2011

Good Evening volunteers, parents, and students. I want to welcome
you to this awards ceremony that celebrates and recognizes the tireless
hours and efforts of you the volunteers. Now when many think of
volunteering, it’s usually just to fulfill a required amount of hours to get
into the next academic year for high school, or even to graduate. I am
aware that is very true, but it was your extraordinary personalities and
mentorship that made the experience at the Bridges program special for
all students involved.

My name is Stephon Dingle, and I am currently a first generation
college student at St. Mary’s College of MD. I am President of the Class of
2012, and I am also on the baseball team. I am also the first male
graduate of the Bridges program class of 2004. I was in a class with
approximately 12 girls, so my say in decision-making among the group
never went to far. So in order to keep my sanity, it was people such as
you, the volunteers, or counselors who made my experience one I never

As volunteers of the program, I don't think you understand the
excitement that we the students experience when coming to Bridges. It
all starts when we are in our respective schools during the spring and you
can just sense summer is near - at that point we know if we are in the
program or not. I say that because before Bridges, I was here when it was
called St. Paul’s Summer Enrichment program as a rising 4th grader at
Coldstream Park elementary school. And during those times, students
only received an opportunity to come for one summer.

Well it was that time of the year again and I remember ever so
clearly my principal calling over the intercom to my teacher asking her to
submit one boy and one girl she felt was worthy of attending the summer
program. So she wrote the two names on the paper and folded it in half,
and sent me of all people to take the name to the main office. On my way
to the office I decided to take a peak at these names, and to my dismay,
my name was not included. Instead it was two girls. I politely turned
around and killed some time before returning to the class with the list
and told one of the best lies that probably changed my life for the better.
I said to my teacher, “Mrs. Spells, the office said you must select one boy
and one girl, not two girls.” So as Mrs. Spells looked at me very
quizzically she crossed out one of the names on the list and graciously
wrote my name. Again as I mentioned, this turned out to be one of the
best fibs I ever told. Now in no way am I condoning lying, but this one
was a great exception.

I say this because the former director was Mr. Nigel Sequiera,
whom some of you may be familiar with. He came up with this great idea
to transform the summer enrichment program into The Bridges program
where students returned every summer until they entered high school.
This for me was a blessing in disguise, as the journey, adventures, and
opportunities I would encounter would be made into memories I would
never forget. All the field trips, long days in the classroom, and the fun
battles in the gym playing one of our favorites games knockout and later
dodge ball. None of these experiences would be half of what it was
without the counselors and volunteers such as you. My counselors had
such a strong impact on my life and enjoyment I experienced here at
Bridges. They ultimately made my everyday getaway from the city so
enjoyable. Those long rides on the yellow bus up I-83 waiting for the first
moment to see St. Paul’s sitting at the top of the hill, to then arrive and
see my counselors whom I saw as my family, waiting for me to get off the
bus and get yet another day started. I remember most if not all of my
counselors, Rick, David, Colin Eagan, Alexandria, Jonathan Kurgansky,
and some of my most favorite people, Spencer Pollock and Hunter Deeley.
These people made me what I am and aspire to be as they certainly were
like my family and kept me on track by simply just being there and
helping to guide me along the way.

After graduating as the first male of the Bridges program I
immediately became a counselor, I remained a counselor for about two
years before moving on to other opportunities. And to be able to
experience both sides of that realm in being here at Bridges was possibly
one of the best things I've done so far in my pursuit of success in
academia, community service, and mentorship. So I applaud all of you for
the time you have put in to make a difference in these students lives in
ways I now hope you can begin to imagine after hearing my experience.
My only hope is that you don't just stop here with Bridges, but continue
to be mentors as you go into the next ranks of your lives may it be
college or whatever else you divulge into. Giving back is something that
drives me and I hope after your experience with the Bridges students it
will drive you as well. Wouldn't you like your students that you helped, to
grow up and remember your name and their experience with you as a
great one and a motivator to their success? Well me too. On behalf of my
fellow Bridges students, from the class 2004 up until the present, we just
want to say thank you. God Bless, and thank you for your time.

St. Paul’s School
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Brooklandville, Maryland 21022
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